Vitamins for Fatigue

The purpose here is not to provide an exhaustive treatise on the roles of each vitamin. Pages and pages of material would need to be devoted to go into the full scope and breadth of the importance of vitamins. What is most important to understand is that we cannot survive or thrive without vitamins. Each vitamin has its own unique role and at any point in time, most are deficient in multiple vitamins. Chemical reactions cannot occur without vitamins. It is like trying to drive a car with an empty gas tank. It simply cannot happen. There are ultimately no diseases; only cellular deficiencies. Fatigue is the first sign of serious aging and deterioration as the cells run out of nutrients.

A common foible to make is to rush out and purchase a shelve full of vitamins. These vitamins are often in the wrong, cheapest form. These will have limited benefits for the body. Proper supplementation is alchemy of art and science. Fatigue to Fit has done all the homework for you. We specialize in providing the finest forms and synergies of vitamins.

A few important distinctions to be made :

  • B vitamins

Simply not enough can be said about B-vitamins. B vitamins are catalysts for hundreds of chemical reactions in the body. Without enough B vitamins, many substances cannot be manufactured, leaving the cells weak and tired. This translates to chronic fatigue. A b-vitamin supplement is often not sufficient. B vitamins need to be delivered in their full spectrum; including B1 to B12 and folic acid. Emphasizing one or two B vitamins will create imbalances in the nervous system. Furthermore, B vitamins can be maximally absorbed only in a special form: this form is called: the methylated form.

  • Vitamin E

Vitamin E is often touted as an important nutrient. What is not well- known about vitamin E is that there are 8 forms of vitamin E. There are four of what are called “tocopherols” and four of what are called “tocotrienols”. Most supplements of vitamin E are sold as the tocopherol form. It is actually the tocotrienol form which confers the highly touted benefits of Vitamin E. Tocotrienols will help promote glowing skin, silky, flowing hair, and protection against cellular fatigue. It is this form that confers the cholesterol lowering benefits.

  • Vitamins as Antioxidants; Antioxidants as Vitamins

Perhaps one of the greatest paradoxes of life is: that which gives us life, extinguishes it in the end. This giver and ender of life is none other than the ubiquitous: OXYGEN. To give a very brief synopsis of how this works without being too technical: electrons are taken from food we eat and passed through the krebs cycle. In the presence of oxygen, fuel is produced. A natural by-product of this process is the formation of substances called free radicals. Free radicals ravage the cells, skin, cause wrinkles and are the ultimate culprits of the aging process. Thus the importance of: anti-oxidants, substances that help curtail the devastation wreaked by free radicals. Many vitamins play roles as antioxidants. Vitamin C is still the most important and fundamental antioxidant. Vitamin A, E, D all have roles as antioxidants. Powerful substances such as alpha-lipoic acid and Coenzyme Q10 are also indispensable as antioxidants. Again, Fatigue to Fit has done the homework for you to ensure the right, most highly absorbable forms are provided.

At Fatigue to fit centers our experts after clinical evaluation, nutritional deficiency questionnaire will advise proper in depth intracellular nutritional evaluation.

Based on the test results and clinical correlation. Intravenous infusions of suggested nutrients like Myers cocktail or Vit C infusion or multivitamin infusion targeted to achievenutritional balance to combat fatigue.

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