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Bioidentical Hormones are not necessarily natural or completely risk free

Bioidentical Hormones is not a medical term and it is not at all equivalent to Natural Hormones. Fatigue To Fit Center promotes Iso Molecular Hormone replacement Therapy which means using hormone replacement therapies with hormones which are very much similar to the hormones produced by our body. Bioidentical does not mean Natural Hormones. Even so called Bioidentical hormones AKA iso molecular hormones require at least one single step in the lab to be extracted from its precursor "Disogenin" produced from Soya Bean or Mexican yam.

Hormones are chemicals, irrespective of the the source from the lab or from Soy or Yam. It is possible that patients may have similar effects of excess or deficiency like any other Pharmaco-therapeutic agent. Judicious monitoring of the patients taking hormone replacement therapy is mandatory using labs and clinical correlation by a qualified physician is absolutely mandatory and should not be promoted or misjudged as risk free alternatives of conventional hormone replacement therapies. Iso-molecular hormone replacement therapy is completely voluntary and the risk and benefits are shared equally.

Please note that certain treatments may only be available at specific locations. Some services, but not all, may be covered by Medicare or other medical insurance.

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