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The body is wisdom in all things at all times; if we would but take the time to emulate its design; radiance would be the natural corollary.

The human body is a master of design, architecture, and chemistry; no-where is there a system more sophisticated in its engineering. It is magnificent. What is most compelling about the body is that it never lies; it cannot. It foretells all through the manifestation of signs and symptoms and is always a harbinger of the truth. The astute practitioner assesses the body and by observation and specialized testing can tell what nutrients the body is desperately lacking. The pervasiveness of chronic fatigue has reached a point of contagion where many are afflicted with this vague nagging sense of lethargy and fatigue. This persistent fatigue belies the fact that the needs of the body are not being met in this modern day society.

Chronic fatigue is now so pervasive; a profound sense of fatigue is at the fore-front of most patients health concerns and is usually listed as the chief complaint on a medical questionnaire. Just as the sun can be obscured by the clouds, a host of factors converge to derail the body from its intrinsic magnificence. The body's innate luminescence naturally comes into being when the hidden sources of fatigue are properly addressed and managed.

Chronic fatigue is not only characterized as a sense of profound lethargy; it carries with it a constellation of

  • Weight gain, Tiredness, Difficulty sleeping, Exhaustion, Gastrointestinal problems,
  • Headaches, Repeated cold or flu. Anxiety, Depression, Guilt,
  • Irritability, and a sense of helplessness, Aggression, Callousness, Cynicism,
  • Defensiveness, Pessimism, Substance abuse, Changed behavior at work,
  • Decreased work performance, Reduced communication with colleagues and friends, and withdrawal.
  • Neurotransmitters for Brain Fatigue/Antiaging

  • Just similar to hormone imbalance, another cause of fatigue is imbalance between excitatory and inhibitory neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters are the way our nervous system communicates between the central nervous system to the end or target organs. If you don’t have balanced neurotransmitters, you don’t feel good, just like if you don’t have enough hormones, you don’t feel right.

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  • Bioidentical Hormones for Fatigue/Wellness

  • Finding a balance in all phases of your life!
    Along with neurotransmitters, hormones control the entire body and determine the quality of our life.
    They determine the ability of the bones to maintain their integrity, the skin to maintain its hydration, the brain to maintain peak functioning, the body to maintain its youthfulness. In essence, they impart the ability to thrive!

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  • Heavy Metal Detoxicification for Fatigue

  • One of the most neglected causes of Fatigue is Heavy Metal Toxicity.
    Lead has been used for many industrial purposes for centuries. Lead was widely used in paint and gasoline in the U.S. until the 1970's. Lead does not break down over time. Lead is present in all parts of the environment, including inside homes. Most people, who suffer from lead poisoning are exposed through lead-contaminated household dust or soil

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  • Medical Weight Loss for Fatigue

  • Obesity or being overweight is closely related to lack of energy and fatigue. This excess body weight may be because of poor life style choices , slow metabolism and imbalance of hormones. This unwanted weight gain and excess fat leads to metabolic syndrome, poor blood sugar control, poor sleep and inflammatory state of body all leading to Fatigue.
    Reducing the excess body weight can significantly reduce the fatigue and make you more energetic.

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The Fatigue To Fit centers specialist will conduct complete evaluation and find out the reason for your fatigue and provide with a comprehensive solution to combat the fatigue.
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Finding a Balance in All Phases of Your Life
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